Thursday, March 13, 2008

Homestudy Approved!!!

Hi All,

We had our in home homestudy meeting yesterday, and our homestudy is approved! We also submitted our passport applications. Two more steps down. Next up are immigration forms, dossier, another workshop (on toddler adoption) and we need to start having shots. We would like to get the dossier sent in ASAP so that it can be approved before the courts in Ethiopia close in the summer.

If I haven't said, Michael is really excited to have a sibling. Well, a sister. We have tried to explain it could go either way, but he is quite certain. He will take good care of his "baby". He has allowed that the baby can be as "old" as his friend Jay's sister, Audrey (I think she is the reason he is set on a sister). When the social worker asked where the baby might sleep, he said: "umm, maybe next to me".