Wednesday, January 21, 2009

9 Months and Counting

On January 11, we passed the 9 month mark of waiting for our new little one. Many of you already know that I expected to have our child home by now. That said, this serves as a reminder that adoption is just not predictable. The current estimate from the adoption agency is that families may expect to matched (referred) their child in the 11th - 12th month of waiting.

With all that said, our child most likely has been born, and is near entering, or has already entered, agency care. Our child's first family (birth family) may or may not have yet made the decision to make their child available for adoption. If they have made the decision, they are likely mourning the loss of raising, and loving, their child.

As I wait, it becomes more difficult to concentrate on daily tasks. In perspective, I know that waiting is easy compared to the decisions of the first family. I pray for them, as I do for Michael's first family. I pray that they be granted peace in their decision, and be comforted in the knowledge that their child, our child, will be cared for and loved.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Michael's 1st Vikings Game

Well, we broke down and bought tickets to the playoff game, to help ensure the rest of you could watch it on TV. Our day started with a slow drive up to the cities, as freezing rain fell the previous night. We parked our car, and took the Light Rail to the Dome. Micheal loves to go on the train. Actually, at his age, he is fascinated by most forms of mass transit. After working at so many events at the Dome (as an usher, during HS), it still feels a little odd to be on the other side. Attending the event. As we go in, and find our seats, I can't help but think back to that time. Running the stairs for smoke checks, rowdy Packer fans, drunk patrons having a "tickle fight" in the stairwell. All distant memories now.

We had about 45 minutes to game time when we found our seats. I was worried that would be too long for Micheal to wait. There was just enough going on to keep him entertained. Michael did great for the entire game, though. Here is a picture of him & Pete waiting for the game to start.

When we asked Michael what his favorite part of the game was, he said "the cheerleaders". Yup. All boy.

This was toward the end of the game, so we weren't scoring.........

True to Minnesota form, most Vikings fans left at or prior to the 2:00 minute warning. Micheal didn't even want to leave when the game was over.

Despite losing the game, we all had a great time. Maybe we'll do it again next time the Vikings have a home playoff game. Then again, maybe we won't wait 8 years.