Thursday, June 5, 2008

This, That, & the Other Thing

Yay, Michael! Tuesday marked the first night of the All Comers Track Meets in Rochester. Michael (aka Dash) finished 1st in the first race of the night. In the second race, he finished 2nd. Pete and I thought that was great, Michael, not so much. He was so sad about not finishing 1st, he would not run in the 3rd race. All is well, though, because he is already looking forward to next week.

It has been an amazing time for the Ethiopia program. At the end of last month, they gave out referrals to 50 waiting families. While this is a blessing for all the families (and bodes well for the length of our wait), it is also terribly sad. It is an indication that because of ongoing draught, families are making very tought choices so that they can survive. Further impacting the ability to survive is the stretched state of the charitable organizations that help feed people worldwide due to the disasters in Myanmar and China. I hope to have some links posted soon for those of you who may like to sponsor a child or make a donation to an organization that serves many people.

there is no me without you Read it. I am not usually a fan of biographies, but I couldn't put it down for long. The author tells the story of an Ethiopian woman who goes from being in the middle class ends up caring for orphans in the capital of Addis Ababa. Throughout she intertwines Ethiopian history, and facts and statistics on the HIV/AIDS crisis that could serve as a distressing call for action.